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My services

I offer you a flexible solution adapted to your needs. I work remotely but am a real right hand to help you develop and manage your business.

Administrative support

You are self-employed, craftsman or manage a business and you need support for your administrative constraints. Delegate the tasks that you don't like/don't know how/don't want to do! 

  • Invoicing, estimates, payment reminders, accounting entry

  • Diary management (making appointments, planning...)

  • Email management (purging, filtering, standard answers...)

  • Customer follow-up

  • Correspondence (writing letters, mailing/published material,

  • Archiving, data entry and verification

  • Creation and preparation of files/presentations/documents

  • Processing and filing of your expenses

  • HR support (recruitment, personnel administration...)

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CHF 35.-/ hour

The price is inclusive of tax and social charges.

A fixed price can also be agreed upon depending on the nature of the work. 

You will receive a monthly invoice at the beginning of the month for the services performed the previous month.

Travels & events organisation 

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Let me handle some of the tasks so you can focus on what really matters for your event:

  • Organisation of meetings, seminars, workshops & events

    • Event logistics (finding and booking the venue, organizing breaks and meals, etc.)

    • Registration management and follow-up of participants

    • Preparation of presentations, materials, documents...

  • Organisation of your private or business trips

    • Flights, accommodations...

    • Research of activities, visits, offers...


on quotation

Contact me to discuss your needs and receive a personalized offer for your event.

The price is inclusive of tax and all social charges.

Writing and translating

Holding a degree in business management, I use my marketing knowledge to create unique and attractive content for your target audience. As a native French speaker and fluent in German, English and Swahili, I don't only write but also translate your content and files.

  • External communication:

    • Social networks

    • Website (creation, modification, content update)

    • Newsletters

    • Translation of documents, press releases, files, 
      sponsoring, presentations,...

    • Mailing

  • Internal communication:

    • Newsletter

    • Translation of documents, articles, presentations, ...

    • Mailing


on quotation

Contact me to discuss your needs and receive a personalized quotation.

Depending on the nature of the work, we can agree on an hourly rate or a general package.

The price is inclusive of tax and all social charges.

Do you need help for a regular or occasional mission?
You would like to know more about my services and/or my skills?

Contact me and let's meet!
Together, we can define the support you need!


whatsapp: +255 620 425 558

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